Definition of Industrial Design
Industrial design is a professional service where the products manufactured by industry towards the end user are developed ideally in consideration of the regard and needs of the target audience and concluded by producing and planning of a new product suitable for manufacture.

Who is Industrial Designer?
Industrial designer builds the connection of the product with the people. (S)He aims for the customer to have a pleasent experience with a comfortable, healthy, safe and fun to use design. Therefore, users’ needs and wants are a designer’s main interest during product design. Many design processes that progressed this way with the focus on users, have created opportunities for good selling products that drag their brands with them. Companies like Sony, Philips, Apple, Tupperware, Ikea are companies that manage these processes extremely well and have a product development culture that keeps them one step ahead with their designs.
Industrial designer, while answering the needs of the user, also strives to create a difference that will put the company that employs him(her), that will manufacture and market his(her) product in an advantegous position competitively. 
To design the industrial products that will be mass produced with the considerations like manufacturing methods, materials, process amount and workmanship, industrial designer constantly communicates with engineers and marketers during the project.
Industrial designers are specialized in developing and presenting clear design recommendations via drafts, technical drawings and models.
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