Increasing the Global Competitive Power of the Industrial Design Sector: Industrial Design Publicity Agency and the Virtual Museum Project

Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK) emphasizes the necessity that products, services and advancements in Turkish industrial design sector needs to be promoted globally and marketed more efficiently and studies towards establishing a sustainable basis for Turkish industrial design memory should be realized. With these thoughts in mind, ETMK prepared a project towards collecting objects and archieve materials on manufacturers and objects and manufacturing and design processes of creation of unique product designs in Turkey from past to present.

ETMK’s 23.03.2011 dated “Increasing the Global Competitive Strength of Industrial Design Sector: Industrial Design Publicity Agency and Virtual Museum Project” application for Development of Creative Industries for Non-Profit Organizations Financial Aid Programme of Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) was accepted and the project process which would go on for 12 month has started in 21.07.2011.

The following are among the works to be realized during the duration of the project:
1.    Finding Industrial Design Publicity Agency
– Establishing a library and an archieve,
– Conducting a needs analysis survey,
– Conducting an industrial design sector inventory study,
– Organizing sectoral meetings,
– Advertising Turkish industrial designers locally and abroad by contacting commercial attaches and business councils,
– Design workshops for children and youngsters,
– Organizing a closing exhibition.

2.    Forming Industiral Design Virtual Museum (ETSM):
– Forming of study and advisory boards,
– Conducting a searching conference,
– Forming a museum collection policy,
– Collecting and documenting works for the museum collection,
– Writing and spreading a museum manifest,
– Publishing a museologic report.

Industrial Design Publicity Agency
The aim of the Industrial Design Publicity Agency which is one of the two legs of the project, is to serve as the display case that faces the people for the Turkish industrial design sector. The works during the founding of the agency can be summarized as below.

Needs of the industrial design sector and expectations of sector members from the agency and museum will be evaluated using the needs analysis survey and the future strategies of the agency will be developed in consideration of these needs. 4 design workshops for children and youngsters are organized in cooperation with the Beyoglu Municipality. Industrial design presentation movie will be used for advertising the industrial design sector locally and abroad.      

A professional documentation archieve is being developed from ETMK’s years long knowledge in Industrial Design Publicity Agency. Besides this, forming of a library that contains local and foreign publications and visual/audotory materials on industrial design has begun.

It is planned for the project to hold 11 meetings for 11 months, between company owners, ceos, marketing managers, design managers or sectoral organization managers of 1 sector per month and industrial designers whose expertise is on that sector. Some of those meetings that have been held are as follows: Packaging, Glassware, Sea Transportation Vehicles, Land Transportation and Investment Tools and Jewellery, Gems and Luxurious Household Accessories.