Industrial Design Virtual Museum (ETSM)

With the aim of recording the production and design processes of unique designs of Turkey from past to present and forming a design memory by collecting the objects and archieve materials about the manufacturers and designers, Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK) have started to work on forming an Industrial Design Virtual Museum.

Industrial Design Virtual Museum (ETSM) has been designed as virtual museum that can be visited over the internet that will also be the prepatory work for the mid-term goal of forming a museum. Today, many museum collections are exhibited over the internet and are carried over to the virtual world with the goal of presenting the research, education and communication functions of modern museology to larger crowds. ETSM is a work in parallel to these developments that was developed to making Turkish industrial design more visible in the global scale and spread the design awareness.

To decide on the content and collection policy of ETSM, a two day “Searching Conference” was held in Istanbul in October. With attendees mostly made out of academicians and designers, studies towards deciding on the contents of ETSM, the meaning of product for the museum, what kind of materials should be included in the collection, collection policy, collecting and buying were conducted.

One of the most important functions of the museums is to legitimate a geography or a topic. According to this, ETSM will support the legitimacy of Turkish design in the international area and enstrengthen the awareness of Istanbul as a design center.

ETSM’s Aims:
– Is to make the knowledge base on industrial design in Turkey from past to present accessible in an organized and systematic way.
– ETSM will form the basis for researching, documenting and collecting the industrial design memory of Turkey.
– ETSM will introduce the industrial design job and production to different parts of the society.
– It will help and guide the individual and corporate players of the design area to form their professional memories.

Project Aims:
– Making the ETSM a common ground for all the stakeholders of industrial design,
– Introducing the products, services and developments in Turkish industrial design globally,
– Serving as a center that will present all the present data towards forming a design identity in Turkey collectively,
– Publishing a museologic report towards forming a real museum with a physical collection and a location is aimed.