Industrial Design Virtual Museum
As a concept,
Is an initiative created to form a memory on Turkey’s industrial design.
It is focused on the geography that we live in and its industrial design and designers.
Within the context of appearance of modernising and industrialization, it starts its design history from 1830s, Tanzimat era of the Ottomans.
It aims to record every product, information and document that will shed a light on beginnings, change and progress of industrial design from the past to present.
Being the pre-preparation of a physical museum, it is also its complementary.  

As a method,
It increases its content by collecting resources from academic studies, researches that were already conducted and are still being conducted.
It presents a systemized beginning; developes with contributions.
Under the light of constantly renewing information and documents, it is always open to change and transformation.

As the content,
It handles the chronology of historic processes as “world industrial design”, “important milestones of the country”, “elements and events that affect industrial design”, “industrial designs and designers” in 4 different legs.
It groups its “collections” by products, sectors-companies, educational institutions, industrial designers-design offices and conceptual projects.
It presents an archieve for reaching academic knowledge.
It recommends era exhibitions to have a dynamic structure.

As the crowds it addresses,
Domestic and foreign;
Individuals who are interested in industrial design and want to have an idea-information about industrial design,
Those who make use of industrial design,
Industrial design professionals,
Manufacturers, companies, investors and brand owners,
Academicians who work-study on industrial design and all technical/social sciences related to industrial design,
Industrial design students are considered primarily.
As its ethics,
It is independent,
Open and inviting,


It is aimed for the ETSM collection to contain every product, project, document, information on industrial design in Turkey.


ETSM Design History Chart aims to show the main lines of the Turkish design history progress.